Pioneering a new era through golf-specific physical training, GoLo Golf is enabling golfers worldwide to perform at peak levels, maintain a competitive edge among their golf peers and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The GoLo Golf Performance System helps golfers of all ages and skill levels attain their Model Golf Body. The results driven Golf Body Screen, Golf Shape Rx, and Train 2 Engrain Golf Exercise Programs provide golf enthusiasts the ability to get strong, go long and go low. By identifying physical factors like poor posture, imbalance, inflexibility, even a past back or shoulder injury causing compensations in a golfer’s swing, GoLo GolfPerformance Specialists customize performance programs to meet golf-specific needs resulting in improved swing speed, power, accuracy and the ability to achieve optimal club positions. This will have a significant impact on your game and lead you to more successful golf experiences. Join the GoLo Golf Team online and at one of our GoLo Golf Performance Centers – our #1 goal is to help our clients reach their golf fitness and performance goals.
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